12 Most Common Direct Mail Mistakes!

The Press Check

As experts in Direct Mail, we see common mistakes made by marketers all the time.  They spend time designing an award-winning piece, have 14 people look at it and then, after mailing, can’t understand why it failed.  Over the next several days, we are going to look at the 12 Most Common Direct Mail Mistakes.  Here are the first four!

1).  List Selection

The success of every direct mail piece is based on a 20/80 rule.  20% is based on design (the actual mailing piece).  The other 80% is based on the list and the offer.  We’ll talk about the offer a little later on.  First the list.

A great mailing package, with superior copy and design, might pull double the response of a poorly conceived mailing.  But the best list can pull a response 10 times more than the worse list for the identical mailing piece.

The most common…

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