How to Create a Custom Facebook Cover Photo

As facebook changes, many are quick to maximize the new Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. It’s basically a huge banner on the top of your profile that hugs your profile picture in the bottom left corner (see picture below). Are you ready to make the most of this? Create a 840 x 310 pixel image that highlights your personality, services, and other important information.

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Sample Facebook Cover Photo – 840 x 310 pixels

Here’s more on how to create a custom Facebook Cover Photo from jayprieysblog:

Facebook Timeline is the newest Facebook update unveiled by CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the company’s f8 developers conference a few weeks ago. Facebook Timeline transforms your old Facebook profile into a virtual scrapbook which basically shows a history of your life from birth up to present. This much anticipated Facebook profile pages overhaul is set to take effect gradually starting today, October 1, although a number of users already got an early preview of it using a simple hack.

One noticeable feature of Facebook Timeline’s design is the large “cover photo” space located at the top of the profile page. Here, users are given the full liberty to design their own profile pages based on their preference and express one’s creativity.  Read more!


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