Aggregate, Filter, Rinse, Repeat

Reposted Article from Tech Savvy Agent by Chris Smith

“There is an issue in the real estate industry right now that we need to face head on. Most Realtors are not currently and will never create new, relevant or shareable content. There I said it.

So now the million dollar question: Why not?  I am going to channel Ray Cook and Family Feud by providing the top 3 reasons that I get in my daily interactions with agents…Survey says!

#3.  I am not “Tech Savvy” like you and have no idea where to begin or what buttons to press

#2.  It is a waste of time because real estate is a relationship game

#1.  I do not have time to blog

As opposed to arguing those points which I do everyday until my blood pressure rises to unhealthy levels with this post I am just going to concede.  Those of you that feel that way are right and you win, at least for today.

So as much as it kills me I am going to help the agents who fall into one of those 3 aforementioned mindsets by suggesting another strategy I am calling Aggregate, Filter, Rinse and Repeat.” Read full article

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