Why Repetition through Direct Mail Marketing Matters

Repetition is fundImageamental to the success of any advertising program.

Although we’ve been hearing about how the U.S. Postal Service is undergoing some changes in 2012, research also points to direct mail as as a crucial piece in advertising. myprintXpress Direct Mail Marketing works because repetition is a big deal in real estate marketing. Repetition improves your personal real estate credibility, brand familiarity, and makes you the go-to agent people think of when they need your services. Traditional marketing matters. It increases business.

Real estate social media marketing is more effective when coupled with real estate printing. Think of the overwhelming amount of digital noise online. With the new Facebook Timeline rollout, the average shelf life of a Facebook status update is now averaging 3 hours. When potential leads see the quality and diversity of marketing materials you have for your personal brand, they’ll see quality and care you’ll take in making sure their real estate printing, mailing, and marketing materials are just as gorgeous and effective.

Sending one batch of Just Listed or Just Sold Postcard Mailers per year is not enough to imprint your brand in the minds of your target audience. Make it a habit. Repetition works. Be sure to back up your brand by providing excellence.

While establishing your brand through repetition and excellence, think from the potential client’s perspective. They want the best real estate agent in their financial scope. They want someone who understands their needs (buying, selling, foreclosure, short sale, improving curb appeal, etc.). They want someone they can trust –someone who puts homebuyer/ homeseller interests before their own interests. They want YOU!

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