10 Real Estate Photoshoot Mistakes to Avoid

myprintXpress Real Estate Photography TipsThe goal of Real Estate Photography is showcase the wow-factor of each property. It’s often difficult to do this when a two-dimensional image makes a 3D space look smaller and less spacious than it really is. As important as it is to have compelling photographs on your Property Brochures and Postcard Mailers, we’ve put together a Top 10 list of things to avoid on your next real estate photoshoot.
  1. Avoid Low-Resolution Photos. Photos used for print must be high resolution for sharp, clear images. The bigger the file size, the higher the resolution.
  2. Avoid Harsh Lighting. Try the morning or early evening for natural sunlight. Harsh lighting means harsh shadows. You might lose the range of colors and get high contrast photos instead of the large range of tones and colors you’re trying to capture.
  3. Avoid Dark Shadowy Photos. Open the blinds and turn on lights for less shadows. Bring in extra lighting in case you need to add some filler lighting to show more detail.
  4. Avoid Clutter. Move clutter and personal items to areas you won’t be shooting (Garage, Laundry room, Closet, etc.). Neutralize the home so potential buyers can imagine themselves living there, with a nice lifestyle.
  5. Avoid Showing Your Reflection in windows and mirrors. Try angling your camera in bathrooms and around any reflective surfaces.
  6. Avoid Running Low on Power. Bring extra camera batteries or your charger as backup. There’s nothing worse than not being able to finish up your photoshoot because of equipment issues.
  7. Avoid Slanted Shots. Bring a tripod for leveling. Check your vertical lines to make sure photos don’t look slanted to viewers.
  8. Avoid To Few Photos. Take enough photos to make an impression on potential buyers. Make sure you have enough photos so nobody ever thinks, “I wish I could see more photos of this property.”
  9. Avoid Smallness. Make rooms look open and spacious. Try shooting with a wide-angle lens.
  10. Avoid Bad Photo Sequencing. Order your photos in a way that makes sense. In other words, make sure you don’t have one photo that jumps out or feels out of place in your sequence.

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